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Here is a few handy tips on how the messages work on our page to help you get the quickest response time.
Messages are answered Monday - Friday between the hours of 9-3pm
We work from the oldest message sent at the bottom of the list upto the top, to the newest message. We do have lots to get through daily but always work as quickly as possible.
Bumping messages eg. re messaging before receiving a reply
It is really important to not bump messages as this can cause a delay to us getting back to you. As what happens is when you re message before we have replied your message jumps up to the top as a new message and you will therefore lose your place in the queue meaning it will take longer to get to you. Sometimes this is unavoidable if you have forgot something or need to add extra information to your enquiry but if its just to ask if your message has been received or wondering when you will get a reply we advise not doing this as it will only delay the reply I'm afraid. We have automated messages set to let you know your message has been received.
Urgent enquiries
If your message is urgent and related to an order placed or received (not a new design enquiry) you can ring our office to alert us to the message and we can take a look straight away for you. If it is related to a new design request then we will get to you as soon as we can
New designs
In order for us to answer your design request as quick as possible we need to know the following information
Size in mm or cm if possible
Thickness of wood - 3mm or 6mm laser cut or 18mm router cut
Wording required and shapes to link around if needed
Any preferred font styles/types
Product codes of items we do similar or you like certain elements of
If a plaques, stands, loops, holes required
Any images or sketches for reference
Shapes if they are to be blank or have etched detail
Basically as much information as you can lol in that first message so we can price up as quickly as possible for you.
Thank you xx