Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Laser Craft Shapes Affiliate
The largest UK wooden craft manufacturer.
Earn money by driving traffic to our website 


Why become an Affiliate?

We are always on the lookout for new Affiliates, and by signing up to our Affiliate programme, you are rewarded 10% commission of every sale. 

  • 10% Commission on every sale.
  • 30 day referral period.
  • Over 7000 items.
  • New items added daily.
  • Highly rated company.
  • Largest UK manufacturer.


How do I sign up?

You can apply to join Laser Craft Shapes Affiliate Programme Apply Now



Do you have to pay to be a Laser Craft Shapes Affiliate?

No, it is free.


Can I use an affiliate account for my own Laser Craft Shapes account?

No and by doing this, you could be banned from using Laser Craft Shapes and any of their sister sites. 


Where can I share the links?

Anywhere you wish! Most people join craft facebook groups and then when people ask for birthday gifts or christmas gifts etc, they then share our links with tracking code. We have seen links come from facebook sale pages, some even use there own page. For example, if they sell wax melts on their own page, they may share our wax melt storage boxes on their page too!


How much can I earn?

This is up to you, on how much work you want to put in. Some of our affiliates do so well, they are then moved to a diffrent system where they have their own website suppiled by us for them to promote. You can see more information here 


Am I allowed to use your photos?

Yes, however you are not permited to change our image in any way. You are only able to use the image to promote affiliates links.


I have received a payment for products I have not advertised, why?

Because there is a very generous 30 day window. If a customer buys an item for our website in this window then you will recieve the comision 


Is there a payout minimum?

Yes, it is £25.


Any further questions? Please get in touch!