You Pick We Paint

Hiya, this is Tim,  
I deal with the computer side at Laser Craft Shapes. Just wanted to let you know a little bit of information about which is an un-priced version of our website with no branding or information linking back to us which means you can use this site as your own and send your custmers, so then can see all the avaible products you can paint which will help your sales grow, Your customers will never no where you buy your items from as there is no branding or prices,
If you not heard of take a look
Now the exsiting news
We also have just launched a Facebook page tab app which allows you to put youpickwepaint on you facebook page, use the link below to take a look at a preview of the app on facebook;
You can on view the above link on any device as long as your not using Facebook mobile apps as the app doesnt show page tabs. But it will work if you go through your standard internet, i.e google or safari. however if using iPhone this will not work  
This will help your sales and keep people on your page. youpickwepaint is a great platform however i didn't like the fact that crafters have to post links so this is where the app idea came from. It will help to keep customers on your facebook page not our youpickwepaint site, because it will be on your page they wont forget to message you as it is right in front of them.
Hope this all make sense,  I can install the page tab for you.  Once that is done you have full control, you can change the tab picture, you can change the tab text, and move the tab to where you want it on your page or you can delete at any time if you don't want it on you page. 
If you want any more information please respond to this email if you would like to sign up email at sign up is free this is just us giving you something back to make you crafting life easyier as no need to spend hours uploading photos because they are all in your page tab,
Please let us know any feedback you think may be important. We hope this helps your sales grow. Thank you for taking a moment to read this message. 
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