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Account Information

Please Read
As of the 30th September we will only be designing new design requests for customers with Silver, Gold or Platinum Accounts. Any other accounts will not be able to order new designs until January 2018. Unfortunately we are to busy to carry on with new designs through the busy Christmas period so the only fair way we can offer new designs is to customers who are loyal throughout the year and gained them selves the higher account levels. We are happy to design all new designs from January - September for everyone but unfortunately we do have to limit them from October - December. 
Please Read
We have put together a new account system which assigns you to an account depending on your spend value over a rolling 12 month period. This is done automatically by our website. We have done this for a few reasons, the main reason is because we use a European MDF which is imported from the EU. There has been a 20% increase since January 2017 to the price we usually pay due to the Brexit. Therefore we should be putting all of our prices up 20% but we have not, instead the new account options is the fairest way we can work out how to make it fair on all of our customers. Which protects everyone from the 20% increase.
Because we are one of the most competitive Laser and CNC companies on the internet we can not afford to keep lowering our prices whilst paying more in MDF etc and not passing on any increases to our customers. At present we only have a 2 tier account option, which means all customers are receiving the maximum amount of discount no matter how much they spend or how long they have shopped with us. If we was to keep this format we would have to increase our prices by 20%. So all customers still save regardless of the new account options as we have not increased our prices by the 20%. Instead we now have an 8 tier account system which offers a fair account for each customer group.
The new accounts will be as follows, over a rolling 12 month period;
BRONZE Sign up only. No maximum Spend.
BRONZE+ 3% Discount. Spend value over £100.
SILVER 6% Discount. Spend value over £250.
SILVER+ 9% Discount. Spend value over £500.
GOLD 13% Discount. Spend value over £750.
GOLD+ 18% Discount. Spend value over £1500.
PLATINUM 23% Discount. Spend value over £5000.
PLATINUM+ 23% Discount + Free Postage. Spend value over £10,000. Includes Free Samples of any 1 item not previously ordered, this is a maximum of 30 individual products per month. Exclusive Special Offers. Order Priority, Newly built webiste Hosted by us on super fast servers, and more!.
Spend value is over a rolling 12 month period. 
If you don't keep up with your spend value over the 12 month period then your account will be downgraded automatically by our system to the appropriate spend value account. However the more you spend, your spend value will increase and your account will be upgraded. 
Once accounts have been upgraded more information will be provided.