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About Us



Lincs Laser Craft Shapes is family owned buisness which operate from workshops and offices in Lincolnshire. 

We are the only company in the uk that has constantly invests in our company Lincs Laser Craft Shapes. We now have 5 laser machines and 1 huge cnc router machine, this is because we do not want our crafters to be waiting for their products longer than they have to. When you think about it, this is a massive acheivement as we have only been running for 18months! This also shows we have not done all of this hard work for our selves, we have put the majority of the money earned back into the business and spent on new machines to give our customers a much faster and more efficient service.


We aim to send all standard items within 48hrs and personalised orders within 1-2 weeks, although very often its a lot sooner. We are the largest stockest of wooden crafts, again this maybe concidered as 'dead money' sat on a shelf and this is why most companies cut to order. However we are diffirent, we understand how important time scales are, the quicker we get your items to you the quicker you get the item to your customer which means they're happy and you can move on to the next one. A much more efficient reliable service than anyone else. 



A little extra so you can get to know us as a company...

Our company Profile 
Susanne - Owner of Lincs Laser. Also known as Sue works extremely hard on your personlised orders and design requests non stop all day to make sure your orders get to you as soon as possible. Not only does Sue deal with all your personalised orders but she also designs most of our lovely new designs which is her favourite part of the job! You won't often get to speak with Sue as shes too busy with orders and you won't often get to see her as she's always hidden behind a desk and computer screen :) but shes always in the office if needed. Sue is constantly thinking up new designs from scratch but has to wait until orders are complete before getting chance to put them into action as orders are always her main priority.
Just for fun - Sues love of life is her beautiful Grandchildren. Sue also has a 2nd job as a Taxi driver in her own company. 
Tim - Owner of Lincs Laser. Tim is Sue's Eldest Son. The guy with the bright ideas! He is our IT guy who deals with everything technical, from setting up and maintaining our laser machines to creating our many websites, apps and everything in between. Not only is he a wiz on the computer but he also designs all of our Router products and works hard to get all your personalised Router products out to you. This is a very hard Job as he has to work around the clock to ensure everything is running smoothly not only whilst in the office but at home too! Tim loves to think up all the new ideas to help crafters and he is who you can thank for all the great ideas here at Lincs Laser.
Just for fun - Tims love of life is work lol. Tim previously worked as a Builder and has skills of all building trades
Teresa - Is Tims other half. Teresa used to be our Admin but has now gone onto helping Sue with orders and designs. Teresa is still in the office to help admin and answer calls but mostly designs our laser cut designs and uploads all new products to facebook, ebay, instagram and the website. Which is an around the clock job due to the constant flow of new designs we create every week. Teresa is the 'Crafty' one who gets the blame for all this starting :) she will happily give crafters advise on products, designs, which paints to use, how to paint our products, what to use to finish the products and any other crafty information you may need.
Just for fun - Teresa Loves anything to do with Butterflies! Which you may have noticed on many designs! Teresa used to paint wooden crafts before starting at Lincs Laser.
Tina - Is a close family friend and has worked for us on and off for 20 years in various businesses. So we treat her like family which of course means working extra hard and long days. Tina does all the picking for orders as well as packing and posting all of your orders! Tina is also a great help on the laser machines when she gets a spare moment. Tina of course is well known for her lovely cups of tea and milky coffees :D  but unfortunately not quite as offen as we like :( 
Just for fun - Tina absolutely loves her doggies KK and may-may, aswell as her love of life for Horses and anything spotty!!
Bailey - We now have Tina's other half Bailey joined us as Tina couldn't bare to be without him (she would bring her doggies in too if she had her way lol). Bailey opperates all 5 of our Laser Machines non stop throughout the day to make sure all your orders are cut as soon as possible and our standard stock is kept full to the brim in our picking bays. Bailey also helps to keep track of orders to make sure everything is sent out as quickly as possible. He keeps our machines squeeky clean and running to their best ability. 
Just for fun - Bailey previously worked as a chef and is great in the kitchen! He is also footie crazy!!
Rachel - Our lovely new Admin :) Rachel is in the office part time at the moment as she has other commitments too. But as of Christmas she will be in the office full time with Tim, Sue and Teresa to keep Christmas orders running smoothly and keeping in contact with you all. Rachel answers all of your facebook messages, emails and ebay messages, this takes a lot of patience and customer service to keep you all as happy as can be. Rachel has been a loyal customer of ours since we first opened so she has awesome knowledge of not only Craft but our prodcuts too!
Just for fun - Rachel also crafts and paints beautiful wooden items
Jimi - Our new CNC Machine Operator. Jimi is Mr Jolly who loves to sing whilst he works and is always motivated to get your orders out to you as soon as possible. Not only is he keen on his work but always makes great Tea! If your ever hungry he has lots of biscuits too! lol. Jimi also helps out around the workshop, picking orders, opperating the laser machines and generally Mr helpful with what ever needs doing. A great new addition to our team and has been a great help to everyone here. 
Just for fun - Jimi knows the words to almost every song on the radio and will happily sing them to you!
Peter & Rachal - Our Father & Daughter Marketing Team. Peter is Sues husband and Rachal is Sues Daughter. Peter is also a great help in our picking and organising at Christmas which is a huge necessity for us as Christmas is a major part of our business. Rachal works part time helping get Lincs Lasers name out there for all crafters to know and love. A great help in getting Laser Craft Shapes up and running from the beggining. 
Just for fun - Peter & Rachal have both previously worked in sales for holiday parks which makes them great at marketing. 
All in all we are a very hard working team and do our very best to make sure everything runs smoothly to get your orders to you as quickly as possible. Well we think we have said enough, Thanks for taking the time to read through 


Just some photos to help put friendly faces to names here at Lincs Laser.

From left to right; Susanne with her husband Peter, Tim with his other half Teresa, Rachal (Marketing) with her son, Tina and Bailey, Rachel (Admin), Jimi with his Wife. 


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