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Shop Crafts Information

A little bit about Shop Crafts;
Shop Crafts is a branch website of ours, however Laser Craft Shapes do not paint any products shown on Shop Crafts. We do have an advertisement banner on our home page but this in no way means we paint the items. Our lovely customers who have traded with us for a long time and upgraded to high account levels have now begun selling our items painted. 
This is a completely seperate website, you will need to go directly to to buy any painted items. If there is something on Laser Craft Shapes that you would like painting, please go directly to Shop Crafts and contact one of the sellers on there.
Would you like to sell painted items on Shop Crafts?
If you would like to start selling our items painted, you will need to have had a customer account with us for 6 months minimum, you will also need to have a 'Silver Account' level from shopping with us. This is to verify you are a genuine crafter and looking to sell items on a professional craft level.
If you have shopped with us for 6 months minimum and have a 'Silver Account' level or above then please sign up for a 'Sellers Account' through the Shop Crafts website HERE