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Shop Crafts Information

New to Laser Craft Shapes - Our new website Shop Crafts!
Shop Crafts is a market place to buy hand made crafts. We have lots of exciting news and lots of information, sorry this is alot to read but please read through all the information as its very important. 
We have developed a new website, this website is for our crafters to sell their painted products on. This service is free to all Laser Craft Shapes customers for life as long as you sign up. We have created this website to help your sales but also for us to send customers to who would like products painting which will also help your sales grow. This will also put hand painted wooden products in one place for easy shopping for customers and potential new customers, as we understand on other selling platforms such as 'ebay' etc hand painted and handcrafted products tend to get lost within the millions of other items for sale. So this website is exclusively for hand painted wooden items only. We will be offering exclusive benefits and discounts with this service.
All information about this service and website is included below, please take the time to read through thoroughly so you don't miss out!! 
Please take a look and see what you think, this is still a work in progress, lots of amazing new features will be added over the next few months. Please show your support and upload your products! Any feedback is much appreciated! 
For support and information please contact
New website here
The Exciting News...
We will be offering Shop Crafts Account Holders;
Free listing fees for life if you sign up and list products
Exclusive Laser Craft Shapes Customer Sign ups only
Exclusive Discounts on Laser Craft Shapes Products
Laser Craft Shapes Account upgrade with special discounts, promotions and special offers. 
Shop Crafts Facebook Page which you can also share your products with a website link on for
Email support on How to sell your products and use your accounts -
Exclusive selling guides to maximise your chances of sales.
To get all of this YOU MUST SIGN UP
We have many other future bonus schemes in place for Shop Crafts Account holders which we would like to keep as a surprise which will be put in place over the next few months. 
The long part with all the information needed...
What do you need to do?
Sign up for an account
Fill in your personal account details, the nickname can be used for your shop name or your business name which will be shown at the end of the website browser link which is great for sharing links with your customers on Facebook, Ebay etc. This works the same as your Facebook page link. For example if your business name was 'Laser Craft Shapes' then your browser link will show as
Add a description of your business. This section you can add as little or as much information as you like about you, your business, the products you make and your customer service and your processing and dispatch times. Try to include as much as possible so your customers are more willing to buy from you. 
Add your paypal email address. Please make sure this is correct so you receive your payments. 
Add an avatar photo when you sign up or in the account area, this is also known as a Profile picture which can be of you or your business logo.
Add a banner when you sign up or in the account area, this is also known as a cover photo like on Facebook. This can be pictures of your products, paints you use, business info etc. The size will need to be 750 x 750 pixels which can be adjusted in paint resize option.
Any information provided can be changed at any stage within your account section. 
After all your information has been filled in correctly, its time to add your products. It is important to try and add products as soon as possible to show potential customers what you have to offer.
Once you have completed your details you will automatically be taken to 'Seller Dashboard'. On the right hand side of the screen (or on a phone you will need to scroll down) you will see 'Quick Navigation' with a list of options to select, you will need to click 'Create a new product' which will then take you to a new page to create your 'listing'.
At the top you will see 'New Product' with 6 tabs. Click through each tab in order and fill in the details as requested. There is a section on the website to explain what to do on these tabs which can be found at the bottom of the website in the buying and selling section or click here 'How to sell guide'. Just read through the step by step instructions. 
It is very important that you try to add a product or as many products as possible as soon as you sign up for an account as this is the prime time to get your products noticed by potential customers. The longer you leave adding products the harder it will be for your products to be seen as there will be many other Crafters signing up for an account and eager to add their products (As you can see on the website already). The main reason we want you to add products as soon as possible is because we are currently only offering this service to Laser Craft Shapes Account Holders, as of the 1st of September the website will be open to any crafters who sell wooden hand painted products to join and sell their products. So if Laser Craft Shapes account holders sign up before September and add their products before September then this gives you top selling priority.
As an added bonus, Laser Craft Shapes will be offering to spend anywhere between £2,500 up to £5,000 on advertisement to promote this website. To do this we will have to create ad campaigns which all has to be done before September. Our ad campaigns will consist of products already added to the website, this is why you need to add your products as soon as possible if you wish for your products to be part of our ads which will be used from September. If your products are not on by September then you may miss out on the chance for them to be seen by 10,000 of people our advertisements will reach between September - December. We will be allocating a high amount of money for such a small time scale which is guranteed to gain high volumes of website traffic which in turn means a massive boost in website sales for you. 
What are the fees?
Listing fees to Laser Craft Shapes customers is free for life if you join Shop Crafts website and have added products on before September 2015
When your product sells there is a 10% fee, we plan to get this fee down however because we are using paypal as a payment there is a fee when a customer buys the product and then a fee when we send you the payment which means 2 paypal fees for 1 transaction this is what the 10% covers as the site gets busier and sells more than £100,000 paypal fees go down and then the site fees will also go down. 
Listing fees do not make us any money, they are purely there to cover paypal fees only. 
We do ask for you to not trade outside of the website as we have to make a massive investment to get sales. The only way we can keep driving customers to the website is by advertising and if we are paying to get customers to the website then crafters are telling them to go to there facebook page the site will not work as we don't have a large pot of money to keep putting to the site.
We have limit the site to wooden products which also limit the sites earnings this is why it is important we trade fair if we find there is to much unfair tradding then we will have no choise but to open the site to all types of crafts
We do ask for you to upload as many products as you can they can and not sit back to see if the site works and get site sale as it will only be a sucess with your help and your products.
The longer part with a bit more information you may like to know...
Why Choose us as a company?
Well we personally think there are many reasons to choose us as a company, for those of you who have been shopping with us for a while will see we have spent alot of time and money on various things to help our crafters out. Such as;
We created '' for you to use as a catalogue to send your customers too with no direct links to us or prices. Just products.
Then we spent further money on building this in to a facebook tab which well over 100 pages use and we are still actively upgrading this all the time.
Every week we add fresh new designs to our website, a variety of laser cut and router cut products. 
We have a Laser Craft Shapes shopping app for iphone and android phones. Available in the app store. To help make shopping easier!
We have put together bargain Christmas packs, with most items up to half price! To give you all a head start on Christmas. 
We have also put together a 'Crafters Money Maker' Category where items are just £2.99!! which are guranteed to be a great sales opportunity. 
The Laser Craft Shapes website now has seperate accounts for 'Personal' customers and 'Crafters'. This means general public (possibly your customers) won't be able to see what you pay for your items. Crafters have to sign in to view their prices, discounts and special offers.
We had to relook at our website as we were finding general public was finding our website and buying the items there self instead of going to our crafter so we changed the whole platform so crafters prices where hidden this move affected our trade in a big way but we did not mind as we are about crafting we take crafting seriouly and love watching companies grow and we try our best to help them as much as we can.
Our aim is to continue expanding and improving to give you the best service possible. We are the only company in the uk that has constantly invested in our company Laser Craft Shapes. We now have 6 laser machines and 2 huge cnc router machines. The main reason for this is because we do not want our crafters to be waiting for their products longer than they have to. This also shows we have not done all of this hard work for our selves, we have put the majority of the money earned back into the business and spent on new machines to give our customers a much faster and more efficient service.
We aim to send all standard items within 1-2 working days and personalised orders within 5-10 working days, although very often its a lot sooner. We are the largest stockist of wooden crafts, again this maybe considered as 'dead money' sat on a shelf and this is why most companies cut to order. However we are different, we understand how important time scales are, the quicker we get your items to you the quicker you get the item to your customer which means they're happy and you can move on to the next one. A much more efficient reliable service than anyone else. 
We can say we have not always got every thing right, we have had to learn all the way and work many hours to perfect what we do but we are ready for this Christmas! It is our second christmas as a busines, we have every standard christmas line in stock. To give you an idea of how prepared we are this year, we have stocked over 40'000 baubles (Crazy we know, but they sure do sell!). We have been cutting christmas lines all year in preperation for this busy time of the year not only for us but for crafters too! As handmade items are a real must have for christmas gifts and home decor. Another reason for us to be so prepared is we are going to try our best to help you sell as much as possible. Our aim is simple; if we can make our crafters grow, then all the wood companies will grow as well. This is not all about us, this is about making the whole laser industry grow and putting wood craft on the map. There are about 64 million people in this country and we bet wood crafts are only sold to less 5% of the country, which we dont think is good enough and this is why we want make so much effort to make this change!
If you have any questions please feel free to email us on