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6mm Letter Ferrero Rocher Confectionery Holder

Brand: Laser Craft Shapes
Product Code: CTO708
Availability: 999
Dimension (L x D x H):
300.00 mm x 6.00 mm x 300.00 mm
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6mm Letter Ferrero Rocher Confectionery Holder

Letter Ferrero Rocher Holder in a Stand
Letter of your choice. Each letter design varies.
Large Letter with a cut out space to hold 'Ferrero Rocher' or 'Lindt Chocolate Balls'. Other Chocolates may fit, but haven't been tested.
Chocolates may need a slight twist to fit when pushing into the front of the holder.
The shape slots into a large stand. Various stand options available. 
You can make up your own words or name with these single letters, for example;
Great display stand for special occasions, Weddings, Birthdays etc.
Approx 300mm Height - Width varies.
Laser Cut 6mm MDF
All of our items are laser cut and etched in great detail for a more defined item.
Great item for home crafting or professional crafting.


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